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Do you like ethics with your coffee in the morning?

This exhibit showcases Fair Trade, what it is and how it is affecting students at Stockton. The Gallery has videos, images and links to timelines and details about the international and local Fair Trade movement. The Resources page provides more links to websites and tools to learn more about Fair Trade.


Fair Trade is a global movement to help producers in developing countries get fair prices for their products. Fair Trade promotes safe working conditions and sustainable practices. When it comes to goods like coffee beans, small farmers may form co-ops to work together and get fair prices for their crop. The co-ops then sell the beans to other buyers in the United States


To purchase Fair Trade, look for the labels to the side. Coffee is not the only certifiable commodity that you can purchase. Other items you can find include chocolate, tea, bananas, sugar, handicrafts, honey, wine, and more.



Most students don't know that coffee offered at cafes on Stockton College's campus is Fair Trade certified--or that it should be! Why is that? Stockton Action Volunteers for the Environment (S.A.V.E.) noticed what was going on in the tropics--where coffee comes from--and saw that something needed to be done. They began at Stockton.


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